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  • Taliban Leadership Transition Sows Discord
    The disclosure by the Taliban founder’s son that the leader was dead appears to have widened rifts that threaten to fragment Afghanistan’s most formidable fighting force instead of rallying the group around a new chief.

  • Beijing Chosen to Host 2022 Winter Olympics
    The IOC named Beijing as host of the 2022 Winter Olympics after the Chinese capital got more votes from members than the only other candidate, Almaty in Kazakhstan.

  • France to Analyze Whether Airplane Debris From MH370
    A piece of airplane debris that washed up on the island of Réunion was to be sent to France, but authorities cautioned it would be days before investigators come to any conclusion about whether it is part of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

  • Pacific Trade Talks End With No Deal
    High-level efforts to complete a major Pacific trade agreement ended without resolution amid deep differences over trade in dairy and other products.

  • Georgia Dials Down Conflict With Russia
    Georgia is moving away from a confrontational, anti-Kremlin line toward accommodation with Russia. The shift comes as a new Cold War is gathering strength in Europe, with the fighting in Ukraine drawing the West and Moscow into a contest for spheres of influence.

  • India, Bangladesh Swap Land Near Their Border
    India and Bangladesh swapped land along their border, ending a decadeslong dispute that had left more than 50,000 people virtually stateless.

  • Attack in West Bank Kills Palestinian Child
    Suspected Jewish extremists firebombed two homes in a West Bank village in an attack that left a toddler dead and spurred the Israeli army to deploy fresh forces to the Palestinian territory in case of possible unrest.

  • U.S. Bolsters Syrian Rebels With Airstrikes
    Friday’s attack was the first in support of the Pentagon-trained force. The Pentagon has struggled to recruit and vet rebels for the program, with fewer than 60 fighters completing the training.

  • Zimbabwe Seeks Extradition of U.S. Hunter Who Killed Cecil the Lion
    Zimbabwe’s government said it would ask U.S. authorities to extradite the American dentist who killed the country’s most famous lion, saying Walter James Palmer needs to stand trial for violations of national hunting laws.

  • Austria Vows to Relieve Overcrowding at Migrant Camp
    The government said it will take emergency measures to address overcrowding at its refugee camp in a town outside Vienna, where thousands sleep in tents or under tarps, trees and bushes.