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  • ECB Ready to Expand Stimulus Programs
    European Central Bank President Mario Draghi indicated that the bank stands ready to expand its stimulus programs if slowdowns in large developing economies and turbulence in financial markets hinder its ability to boost inflation to a target of just under 2%.

  • China Flexes Its Muscles at Military Parade
    With an extravagant parade, President Xi Jinping made the most forceful display yet of China’s expanding military muscle and his own grip on power, after weeks of rising concern about economic challenges and disunity at the top.

  • Image of Syrian Boy Echoes Around World
    The 3-year-old was a Syrian Kurd whose relatives’ efforts to emigrate to Canada had been rebuffed.

  • Yemen's Unity Frays in Leaderless Aden
    The battles of recent months have reopened historic divisions between Yemen’s north and south.

  • Migrant Crisis Divides Europe
    Germany and France press the rest of Europe to end squabbling over its exploding numbers of refugees as Hungarian leader says his country doesn’t want ‘a large number of Muslim people.’

  • Guatemala Swears In New Leader As Ex-President Is Ordered to Jail
    Guatemalan lawmakers swore in Alejandro Maldonado as the country’s new leader, capping a day of political turmoil, as a judge ordered former President Otto Pérez Molina to jail for the duration of pre-trial hearings in a case of alleged corruption.

  • Syrians Take Arctic Route to Europe
    More than 150 refugees have entered Norway from Arctic Russia this year—a fraction of the estimated half-million people who have sought asylum in Europe, but the flow is quickening.

  • NATO Opens Post in Lithuania
    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization inaugurated a new command post in Lithuania, one of six across the alliance’s eastern border meant to shore up the region’s defenses against Russia.

  • Brazilian Finance Minister Under Fire
    University of Chicago-trained economist Joaquim Levy hasn’t managed to improve Brazil’s shaky finances and his proposals are infuriating interest groups across the political spectrum.

  • Iran Parliament to Decide on Nuclear Deal
    Iran’s parliament will have the final say on approving or rejecting the landmark nuclear agreement forged with world powers in July, top Iranian officials said, raising fresh uncertainty about the deal.