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  • Europe Confronts Its Roma Problem
    A decade after countries with large Roma, or Gypsy, populations started joining the EU, the bloc is aiming to overcome centuries of discrimination that have kept the Roma disproportionately uneducated, jobless and poor.

  • Battles Rage in South Sudan
    Fighting in South Sudan appeared to intensify following rebel advances into oil-producing towns that led to widespread civilian deaths.

  • China Factory Activity Still Weak
    A still-weak but relatively stable outlook for factory activity in China could ease pressure on Beijing to step up targeted stimulus measures.

  • Photos of the Day: April 22
    In photos picked Tuesday by Wall Street Journal editors, a woman lights an oil lamp in Nepal, a boxer demands a title fight, a girl scavenges in a dump site in the Philippines, and more.

  • Obama: Treaty Covers Disputed Islands
    Ahead of his arrival in Japan, President Barack Obama said the Japan-U.S. security treaty covers disputed islands in the East China Sea, the first time the president has clearly made such a statement.

  • Egypt Cleared for Some U.S. Military Aid
    The Obama administration said it has certified that Egypt is upholding its peace treaty with Israel and qualifies for some military assistance.

  • France's Syria Worries Spur Crackdown
    France is trying to prevent French nationals from traveling to Syria to join jihadist groups fighting the regime, underscoring concerns that Syria has become an incubator for terrorist attacks on European soil.

  • Spain's Basques Stall on Self-Rule
    The nationalist parties that rose to power in the Basque Country 1½ years ago promising a peaceful path to self-rule are now finding themselves stuck.

  • U.S. to Move Troops Amid Ukraine Tensions
    The Pentagon said U.S. troops would be sent for exercises in Eastern Europe to reassure allies on Russia's border, after Ukraine accused pro-Russian separatists of killing two people and shooting at a military plane.

  • No Trace of Jet in Submersible Search
    A submersible has covered 80% of an area investigators believe holds the best hope of containing the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, though no trace of the missing jet has been found.