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  • Protesters Storm Iraqi Parliament
    Dozens of supporters of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr breached the walls of Baghdad’s heavily guarded International Zone, bursting into the country’s parliament chambers and attacking a senior lawmaker.

  • Iran Moderates Fail to Win Majority
    The bloc of moderates and reformists who support the landmark nuclear deal will retain the most seats in parliament after securing 37 positions, short of the 40 needed for a majority, in a runoff vote.

  • Syrian Regime Hurls Airstrikes at Aleppo
    Syrian government warplanes and helicopter gunships launched airstrikes on Saturday on insurgent-held neighborhoods in the northern city of Aleppo.

  • Oil Patch Relieved by Price Rebound
    Oil prices finished their best month in a year and are headed back toward $50 a barrel, bringing some relief to beleaguered energy producers even though they reported some of their worst quarterly results in years.

  • U.S. Chides Five Economic Powers Over Policies
    The Obama administration delivered a shot across the bow to Asia’s leading exporters and Germany for their economic policies and warned that a number of major economies around the globe could face intense pressure to engage in currency interventions to counter slow growth.

  • German Police Detain 400 Protesters at AfD Convention
    Police have detained about 400 leftists who were protesting against the national convention of the populist Alternative for Germany party in Stuttgart.

  • Kenya Burns Ivory Stacks in Protest of Poaching
    Authorities set fire to 11 pyres and finished ivory goods representing more than 6,000 dead elephants to highlight the scourge of poaching that is driving the mammal to extinction on the African continent.

  • NATO Allies Preparing to Put Four Battalions at Eastern Border With Russia
    Western allies are preparing to put four battalions—a force of about 4,000 troops—in the Baltic region as part of an effort by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to reinforce the alliance’s border with Russia as Moscow steps up military activity, officials said Friday.

  • Beer Becomes the Latest Scarcity in Venezuela
    Empresas Polar SA, Venezuela’s largest private company and producer of 80% of the beer consumed by Venezuelans, began to shut down its last operating beer plant, creating the latest scarcity in a country already crippled by shortages of many products.

  • Irish Parties Reach Deal to Form Minority Government
    Ireland’s two largest political parties have sealed a deal that may pave the way for Enda Kenny to stay on as prime minister and end the country’s longest-ever period without a government.