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  • China's Growth Slows
    China's gross domestic product growth slipped in the first quarter to its slowest level in 18 months as the world's second-largest economy continued to downshift.

  • Jet Hunt Narrowed on Calculated Gamble
    A combination of cutting-edge science, dogged analysis and simple luck prompted searchers to focus the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 underwater.

  • Hundreds Missing in Korean Ferry Disaster
    South Korea said almost 300 people remain missing after a passenger ferry sank near the country's southwest coast. Two people have been confirmed dead.

  • Combat Vehicles in East Ukraine Raise Russian Flag
    A soldier said the unit was part of the 25th brigade of Ukraine's airborne forces and that they have switched to the side of the pro-Russian forces, but that couldn't be confirmed.

  • Submersible Tries Again to Find Jet
    An unmanned submersible is making a third attempt to find the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 after earlier sorties ran into technical difficulties.

  • U.K. Unemployment Falls Below BOE Threshold
    U.K. unemployment fell in February below a threshold set by the Bank of England, official data showed, a fall that will prompt officials to reassess their interest-rate stance next month.

  • Hotel Builders Bet on Africa Gas Boom
    When Enrique Nieto arrived in Palma eight months ago, there was one communal water tap and no paved roads. Now he is about to open the village's first hotel. The reason: natural gas.

  • Australian, New Zealander Killed in Yemen
    Two Australians, one of whom held dual citizenship with New Zealand, were killed in Yemen in late 2013 during a counterterrorism operation

  • Wine Fells New South Wales Premier
    The premier of Australia's biggest state resigned Wednesday, depriving Prime Minister Tony Abbott of a political ally, after he admitted misleading a corruption inquiry in saying that he couldn't remember receiving an expensive bottle of wine as a gift.

  • U.S. Officials Say Al Qaeda Video Shows Group Still Active
    A promotional al Qaeda video featuring an open public appearance by a man seen as the group's second in command surfaced Tuesday, providing unusually bold and defiant evidence of the group's continuing determination to attack the U.S.