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  • Terror Hits Canadian Capital
    Canada’s Parliament building and other government offices in Ottawa were locked down after an armed attack in Ottawa left one soldier dead at the country’s main war memorial. A shooter was also killed and police were looking for other possible suspects.

  • Harper: Canada 'Will Never Be Intimidated' by Attacks
    Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canada “will never be intimidated” by the type of “brutal attack” the country has seen twice this week.

  • Brazilians Scrutinize Presidential Challenger's Record
    Presidential challenger Aécio Neves’s ability to unseat the incumbent, Dilma Rousseff, in Sunday’s election depends much on which of two narratives voters accept about the state that he governed for two terms.

  • Russian Economy Stalls
    Russia’s economy—battered by Western sanctions and falling prices for oil, its main export—stalled in September even as inflation hit the highest levels in months, data showed Wednesday.

  • At Russian Forum, Qualms Over Sanctions
    An annual event that brings together Russian officials and foreign experts opened Wednesday, revealing strongly divergent views over the reality of the crisis in Ukraine.

  • U.K. Seeks Tech Firms' Help Against Extremism
    The U.K. government is intensifying efforts to enlist the help of large technology companies such as Twitter Inc. and Facebook Inc. in combating extremist content online amid growing concerns about terrorist threats.

  • Domestic Terror Threat Becomes Real for Canada
    Canada has for decades avoided foreign-linked terrorist killings on its soil. But the deaths of two soldiers in the last three days in separate attacks has fueled fears of an uptick in such violence.

  • Despite Riches, Venezuela Starts Food Rationing
    The government in Caracas rolls out fingerprint scanners to limit purchases of basic goods, infuriating consumers, amid a shortage of products.

  • Thousands End Islamabad Sit-In
    Thousands of antigovernment demonstrators left Islamabad early Wednesday, ending a 69-day sit-in led by Muslim cleric Tahir ul Qadri and easing pressure on embattled Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

  • China Ex-Security Chief Faces Likely Expulsion From Party
    Chinese President Xi Jinping has forcefully delivered his anticorruption commands for almost two years, and is expected to outline on Thursday how he plans to drive home the message.