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  • Tragedy Fails to Quiet Ukraine
    Two Ukrainian fighter jets were shot down Wednesday over separatist-held territory not far from the site of the Malaysia Airlines crash as international outrage over the tragedy has done little to slow fighting in Ukraine.

  • China Posts Upbeat Factory Data
    A preliminary measure of China's manufacturing activity reached an 18-month high in July, a sign that the government's stimulative measures are bearing fruit.

  • New Push To Lure Hamas Into Truce
    The Obama administration, Israel and other Middle East allies are refashioning an Egyptian cease-fire proposal to assure Hamas that Gaza's economic interests would be addressed if the Islamist group stops rocket attacks.

  • Japan Exports Disappoint
    Japan's run of monthly trade deficits reached the two-year mark in June as exports fell while imports increased, reinforcing the view that the deficits are here to stay for the once powerful exporter nation.

  • South Korea Unveils Stimulus Package
    South Korea announced a $40 billion stimulus package to bolster its economy, which remains weighed on by sluggish consumer spending and a tepid global recovery.

  • Taiwan Plane Crash Kills 48
    Forty eight people have been confirmed dead and 10 injured after a TransAsia Airways plane went down in the outlying Penghu islands, marking Taiwan's deadliest plane crash in more than a decade.

  • Subianto to Challenge Indonesia Vote
    Prabowo Subianto will challenge results from Indonesia's presidential election, focusing a final bid for leadership on what his team suspects are irregularities involving 21 million votes.

  • Venezuela Opposition Leader Lopez on Trial
    Leopoldo Lopez, an opposition leader jailed after the government accused him of inciting violent protests that shook this country earlier in the year, went on trial Wednesday in a case that has drawn international condemnation from human rights groups.

  • Bombs Kill About 75 People in Nigeria
    Two bombs suspected to be the work of Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram killed about 75 people in the north of the country, said Nigeria's government and a witness.

  • Skyscraper, a Symbol of Venezuela Decay, Cleared Out
    The government began moving thousands of squatters from the capital's infamous "Tower of David," a half-finished skyscraper that is emblematic of the country's decay during 15 years of socialist party rule.