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  • U.K.'s Future EU Ties Aren't Matter of Black vs. White
    Different members of Britain’s Conservative government have ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ visions of the U.K.’s future relations with the EU. But Brexit isn’t a binary, hard-or-soft decision, Stephen Fidler writes.

  • Photos of the Day: Sept. 29
    In photos selected Thursday by Wall Street Journal editors, train personnel survey the NJ Transit train that crashed into a platform, Indians walk away from the border with Pakistan, children with special needs celebrate in Syria, and more.

  • Russia Says It Would Support 48-Hour Cease-Fire in Aleppo
    A top Russian official said Moscow would support a 48-hour cease-fire to allow aid into the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo, as the top U.S. diplomat reiterated a threat to cut off talks with Russia over the Syrian crisis.

  • Brazil Politicians Run Under Tough New Funding Rules
    After years of spending freely to win elected office, Brazilian politicians are struggling to bankroll their campaigns for Sunday’s local elections without big corporate donors and dirty money.

  • Sept. 11 Lawsuit Bill Marks New Blow to U.S.-Saudi Ties
    The decision by U.S. lawmakers to allow victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to sue Saudi Arabia is the latest setback for an alliance that is coming under increasing strain.

  • India Says It Hit Terrorist Bases in Pakistan-Controlled Kashmir
    India’s army said it carried out “surgical strikes” on what it described as terrorist bases across the country’s de facto border with Pakistan, a move likely to heighten soaring tensions.

  • EU Refers Germany to Top Court on Road-Toll Plan
    A prestige road-toll project promoted by a critical ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel moved closer to landing the country in Europe’s top court, needling an already sore relationship at the heart of Germany’s government.

  • Turmoil Hits Spain's Socialist Party Amid Government Stand-Off
    Spain’s simmering governance crisis has triggered upheaval in the one institution—the mainstream Socialist party—best positioned to break a 9-month-old political impasse.

  • In Israel, a Symbol of Unity Stands Amid Deep Divisions
    Shimon Peres built the Peace House in Jaffa to symbolize coexistence between Israeli Jews and Arabs, but high real estate prices in the neighborhood around it have pushed out many Arab residents, underscoring the divide that separates the two people.

  • Pope Faces Pressure Over Russia in Georgia Visit
    Pope Francis’ visit to the former Soviet state of Georgia this week poses a dilemma for the Catholic leader, as his pursuit of warmer relations with Russia puts him at risk of accusations he is soft-pedaling his central human-rights agenda.